Who is responsible for healing?

During our Reiki I class, we learn about Dr. Mikao Usui, the founder of modern Reiki. He sought through years of meditation and discussions with his guru, to find the keys to healing that Jesus and Gautama Buddha used to change others' lives.
Dr. Usui went on a vision quest and fasted at the top of Mt. Kurama in Japan, for 21 days. The keys to healing came to him in a vision of light on the 21st day. He was on the way down the mountain and stubbed his toe. He immediately used Reiki on his foot, and the bleeding stopped, and healing commenced very quickly. He was so excited when he reached the town that he dedicated himself to healing many people.
A few years later, he was walking on the street and met with a beggar he seemed to recognize. He questioned the man about Reiki healing, and the beggar said, "Of course you remember me! I was one of the first people you healed. I went to work on my karma, got married, found a job, lived in a house, and then I decided that life was t…

The Divinity in Darkness

We've all heard about the amazing connections and messages from divine sources such as Angels, God, Source, Universal Energy, and others that set our lives on a better path, a higher plane, and lead us to a better way of being. Sometimes we have a direct experience with Divinity, sometimes it comes through religious service, a messenger, or meditation. We all strive for this connection with Divinity that makes us feel that we are loved, cared for, and precious.

What about the polar opposite, our darkness and dark times? Our usual response to darkness is avoidance. The devil, our secrets, or our "badness" deep in our darkness is rarely exposed to the light due to the many ways we avoid our flip side. 
I've alluded in past blogs to my pathways through the darkness. The best way to explain the reasons why we would allow ourselves to walk through our own darkness is to see it, simply. Darkness often has a message for us, loud and clear. The spiritual darkness we walk thr…

Are you on the hook?

The holidays are coming up, and you may be preparing to spend time with family, friends, or relatives that you don't see very often. The inevitable questions come up whenever we see them, asking how we are, what we're doing with our lives, and have we met certain milestones yet, like having a baby or getting married. Some of us are less than pleased with our interactions with them, because the questions can include negativity or judgment.

The image above is taken from Barbara Brennan's Book Light Emerging. She spent years studying human interaction and psychological issues and the way they look in the energy field. She also studied the way people's energy fields interact. When relatives or friends ask us questions like these, they hook us with energetic streamers that usually connect with our hearts, our solar plexus (power center), or sacral (belly) chakras. The hooks in the picture are streamers that are created in a conversation, where they are being blocked by the r…

What's a Sensory Sensitive Kid?

What's a sensory sensitive kid and why do I work with them? The question has been rolling around in my mind for a few weeks now. I just launched a new website with a whole new feel, devoted to the part of my business that serves kids on the Spectrum.

What's the spectrum? The Autism Spectrum includes a wide range of kids and behaviors, from ADHD, to Asperger Syndrome, to Autism. All of the kids on the spectrum have similarities, even though each diagnosis is different.
The common thread in all of them is Sensory Sensitivity. They're either more sensitive or less sensitive than most people to touch, taste, sound, light, and smells. When I first started doing energy work, it became clear through my meditations and past work with kids on the spectrum (including my sons), that their energy fields functioned differently than most kids.
Sensitive kids who react strongly to sensory input often have fields that are thin, or not functioning to their full capacity. Our energy fields …

Spiritual Resources for Sensory Sensitive Kids

In the past two years, I have had the privilege of working with 25 sensory sensitive kids. These kids are more sensitive to energy and express it in a number of ways. Their sensitivities make them more open to energy and also more able to learn to use it- they feel it more strongly, are able to learn energetic protection for their energy fields, and are able to easily integrate energy movement into their daily lives. 

I've worked with all ages, from a 4 year old boy with Autism to a 35 year old woman with Asperger Syndrome. I find working with kids (and adults) on the spectrum very rewarding, because they tend to be spiritually gifted in many ways. The little four year old already understood all of our layers of consciousness, and my 35 year old client had extensive knowledge of past lives and energetic relationships.

I've created a new site and new offerings for Sensory Sensitive Kids, and will be rolling them out in the next week. Keep an eye on your inbox for an email from Se…

The Path of the Wounded Healer

When my friend Mary first said this phrase described me, I wasn't sure how to respond. I had seen the image of this path in Alex Gray's book Sacred Mirrors, and had been trying to put into words what it is like to experience trauma again and again.
She and I were working on an 8 week distance healing course about healing dark energy, and everything she had presented up to that time I had either experienced, or had a client or friend who had. When she asked me to count the traumas in my life, I needed more than two hands to add them up.
Basically this path is a difficult one for a soul to choose. I had often wondered why my soul would pick a path like this, complete with losses I couldn't prevent and situations I had no control over. I had traumas spanning from age 3 to age 40.
As we filled in the blanks, it was apparent that I needed to do some deep healing, if I was going to get past the turning point in my life. I was, true to form, having my midlife crisis early. I am …